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What is Bid Team?

Bid Team puts your business on the FAST-TRACK for winning federal contracts on as a new federal contractor. If you follow the Bid Team process, you can realistically expect to win your first contract(s) in the 3–6-month window of the 12-month program. Typical first award ranges are $100,000 - $750,000.

Bid Team is for 3 Business Types including:

Brand New Small Businesses

Bid Team supports brand new small businesses that are recently registered in that are held back by not having strong past performance and/or those that are wanting to learn to legally middleman contracts.

Established Small Businesses

Bid Team supports established small business that self-perform work and are wanting to expand their offer and customer base to include US Federal Government agencies.

Transitioning Government Employees/Military

Bid Team supports transitioning government employees, military and veterans who are transitioning into the private sector and have been on the "other side of the fence" and see the opportunity of government contracting.

Meet Derek

Founder of GovKidMethod and Bid Team- Derek James started working for a federal contractor in 2014 where he discovered the federal contracting industry and learned how to be successful in the space. By age 30, Derek had become the VP of Business Development and won 32 federal contracts valued over $15M for the company.

In 2018, Derek left the company and started his consultancy to help small businesses new to the federal contracting space to dramatically reduce the time that it takes them to win their first contracts on

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Problems Bid Team Solves

Bid Team will help your Small Business win contracts FASTER by focusing on solving the problems that dramatically slow your growth from the start.


Lengthy Federal Solicitations Slowing You Down

Federal Solicitations on are lengthy (sometimes hundreds of pages) and the sheer overwhelm can make it nearly impossible to know how to move forward.


Going in Circles Focusing on the Wrong Contracts

Focusing on the wrong solicitations can be extremely disheartening and is one of the top reasons that keeps new federal contracts from winning contracts.


Non-Compliant Proposals Stopping You from Winning

Proposal writing is a skill that you develop and improve over time. But if you aren't starting out with proposals that are at least compliant, your rate of progress (and wins) is going to be very slow during your first 1-2 years.


Can't Get Started without Past Performance or Knowing How to Legally Middleman

Not knowing how to bid contracts with zero past performance and how to legally middleman contracts, wreaks havoc on new federal contractors to this day.


Paralysis Analysis and Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back

A proven process and all the right mechanics will not save you from your own limiting beliefs and self-doubts. You won't break through until you believe it's possible.

Bid Team's Fast-Track

We offer a hyper-focused process for Small Businesses that have clarity and are highly motivated to break through the limits holding them back!


You will build systems to shift your small business into

high gear submitting compliant and competitive bids month after month.


With the support of Derek James and your Dedicated Team Member, you will avoid costly mistakes that would otherwise set you back months.


Instead of reinventing the wheel, you will ignite your success with winning resources that will make you look like you've been in the space for years.


We've got A's for your Q's

What is the Investment Cost?

Bid Team is a 4-figure investment for 12-months of support. There are plenty of courses/coaches out there that charge $2,000. We've heard the feedback from many unsatisfied students, so Bid Team was created to be a premium alternative where we can offer higher service levels. Exact pricing is discussed over the Discovery Call.

Who is Bid Team NOT for?

Bid Team is not for businesses that are: Seeking to get-rich-quick, Do not have 10-20 hours/week to invest in doing the work, Not financially stable to invest in the program, Not finding bids they want to go after on

Do I Get to Work Directly with Derek?

Yes! There are no other coaches in the program. You will never be passed on to another coach and you will never be treated like a number. Derek supports Bid Team members through intimate group coaching calls and secure portals where you are able to (for example) submit for bid and proposal reviews for Derek's feedback.

What are the Requirements to Join?

1) You must be registered in and have received your CAGE code. 2) You must be finding bids that you want to go after so you can take advantage of the speed we offer your business. 3) You must be highly motivated and ready to put in the work.

What if I Want to do GSA or City/State/Local Contracts?

Bid Team's systematic approach has been found to be successful in support federal contractors who want to bid on GSA schedules. Much of the training carries over. Using the Bid Team Systematic Approach, we have also had SB's in the program win city/state/local contracts. It's up to you determine where you want to focus, however, just know that our primary focus is Bidding and Winning on

Recent Bid Team Wins

Sly N.

Agilkin, LLC

Awarded Feb 2023
Joined Bid Team Jan. 2023)

Miah S.

Primary Focus Learning

Awarded Jan 2023
Joined Bid Team Jan 2022)

Dr. Chanelle S.


Awarded Jan 2023
Joined Bid Team Oct 2022)

Arthur G.

Frontier Services & Technology

Contract Awarded Jan 2023
Joined Bid Team Nov 2022)

Lynduel M.

Pro Impact Solutions

Contract Awarded Nov 2022
Joined Bid Team Dec 2021)

Charles M.


Contract Awarded Aug 2022
Joined Bid Team Jun 2022)

Ross U.

Dusty Road Contracting, LLC

Contract Awarded Jun 2023
Joined Bid Team May 2022)

Sungu F.

Premium Clean TX

Contract Awarded May 2022
Joined Bid Team Jan 2022)

Ramesh R.


Contract Awarded Mar 2022
Joined Bid Team Feb 2022)

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